Indexmania is a search engine where you search with keywords or tags.

for example: "videos, watch, online" will return all websites that include those tags

You can filter away all results with spesific tag by adding a "-" in front of the keyword/tag

Remember to use the comma "," to separate the tags


The focus is to index all websites that exist and give them certain tags that describes them

The most popular sites should appear first, then comes all other underneath.

It works because...

Users index/submits a website (whatever website it might be), and give it some tags

This process will cost a certain amount of Points.

You gain Points by visiting Indexmania once every day. Default points are +2/day

You can check your current points at My Profile. Default maximum Points are 16

Once you have upvoted other indexed website tags, you will gain a new rank

By gaining a new rank, you gain more Points each day


You are looking for a website to write notes for your day-to-day life

You search: "notes, online, free, cloud"

You are looking for a website to learn Language and History online

You search: "learn, test, language, history, online"

You are looking for a website to download HD wallpapers free

You search: "images, pictures, wallpaper, free, download"

Right now...

Indexmania is in early stages of its life at the moment, and we currently need more users.

The goal is to have Indexmania fully operate by users adding content to it.

Because we only have 74 indexed websites at the moment, we need more.

You start...

By signing up here, very quick and easy.

Then go to Submit to submit a website.

This is important because the Indexmania is in early stages


Indexmania is under construction (Like all our projects actually...)


We care more about our users than money. Therefore, no ads, no trackers.

Thank you